Christmas feeling for everyone, kids and adults during a day or an evening
until the 18th novembre to the 3rd of january 2016 !


The “santons” handcrafts’market just leave you in admiration in front of their work : these little figures want to reproduce the scene of the life in provence (poeple at their job, animals and of course the houses), to create first of all the “crèche de Noël“, that means the christmas cribb. So if you have any cribb, to put under your Christmas tree, or to complete it, these figures invite you to buy one of them and come in your house, just choose the one you like !!!! so difficult.

Locals handcrafts and merchants offer you their products, food specialities, good to prepare your famous 13 provencal traditional desserts for the evening of Christmas

Come and share the pleasure of Christmas in family or between friends.

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