Why the Ecotourism ?


Definition of the International Ecotourism Society :

Ecotourism is a form of responsable travel to natural areas that contribute to environmental protection and well-being of local people.

How do it ?

Ecotourism is a form of tourism which includes the following features :

  • It brings together all forms of nature-based tourism and in which the main motivation of tourism is to observe and appreciate nature and the traditional cultures prevailing in natural areas.
  • It involves an element of education and environmental interpretation.
  • It is usually arranged for small groups by small local companies specialized.
  • It supports the protection of natural areas, and ensures the well-being of local people :
    1. By providing economic benefits to host communities, organizations and governments that ensure the preservation of natural areas ;
    2. Creating jobs and livelihoods for local people ;
    3. Promoting awareness among residents of the host country as among the tourists of the need to preserve the natural and cultural capital.
The ecotourist :

The motivation for the ecotourist is mainly to observe and understand the nature and traditional cultures he encounters during his journey. And that is what you enjoy.